Monthly Archives: February 2009

Visiting Microsoft in Johannesburg, South Africa

I live and work in the suburbs of Copenhagen in Denmark, but I’m currently in South Africa on business. While I’m here I might as well visit Microsoft South Africa – I did that today. I attended a presentation of the .Net services by Juval Löwy.

Microsoft South Africa is situated in a nice and fairly new building, as you can see on the picture above.

I was amazed about the level of security – first I had to cleared by the security guards before entering the parking lot. This is not uncommon in South Africa, but very uncommon in Denmark.

Inside in the reception the security check barriers prevent unauthorized people to enter.

When I finally was granted access to the presentation, Microsoft served sodas, pizza and beer!

Visual Studio 2008 shortcuts features

Two years ago I wrote an article about the shortcut features in Visual Studio 2005. So I thought, why not write one for Visual Studio 2008.

I am a big fan of shortcuts – it increases productivity and ergonomically better than using the mouse all the time.

There is a large arsenal of shortcuts not only for Visual Studio, but also for the add-ins like ReSharper. Most developer forgets the basic ones in Windows besides the cut and paste shortcuts. But they do provide a huge productivity boost. Take a look at this list – how many of these shortcuts do you know and use?