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Three months anniversary

victoria3months My daughter is now three months old. Everything is going well – she is gaining weight, eating, smiling and making funny noises which I interpret as laughing. She is aware and eager to interact with her surroundings. She grabs after the diapers at the changing table pulling them out of the container one-by-one and has for more than a month been able to keep focus on
moving objects.

By the way, we are going to name her Victoria.

I’m a dad!

At 01:10 (1:10 AM) Saturday the December 30th 2006
I became a father. It is a big thing for me, but still strange. Normally when I see
a newly born baby and the parents claim it is the most beautiful baby in the world,
I yarn. Most babies are ugly.

My baby girl is not the most beautiful baby, but a close
runner up 😉