“Getting your hands dirty with Windows Containers” at Day of Containers 2016

Track host at GOTO CPH 2015

“Introduction to ASP.NET vNEXT” at GOTO CPH 2015

“Developing IoT Solutions with Windows 10 and Azure” at GOTO CPH 2015

Keynote at KMD .NET Days 2015

“Free-text search with Azure Search” at Campus Days 2014

Keynote at KMD .NET Days 2014

“Logging, tracing, instrumentation and debugging” at Campus Days 2013

“Blazing fast search with Solr” at Community Day 2012

“The evolutions of full-text search” at Miracle OpenWorld 2011

“The miracles of WCF for SOA architectures” at Miracle OpenWorld 2010


“Cloud archtecture” guest lecture at SDU  2015

Introduction to Web Development with ASP.NET MVC 5 on Channel 9

“Java on Azure” at javagruppen 2015

Lucene 4 Coockbook reviewer

“Develop Windows Apps with XAML and C#” at Prosa Vejle, Aarhus and Copenhagen 2015

“Using Solr/Lucene” at Copenhagen .Net usergroup 2011

“How not to outsource ” guest lecture at ITU 2011

“Using Solr/Lucene” at Aarhus .NET usergroup 2010

“Searching with Lucene” ANUGCast podcast

Arranged DevDays developer camp 2009