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Reuse in SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

Or lack of 🙁

My current project requires SSIS (SQL Server 2008 Integration Services) packages for ETL processing.

SSIS seems very capable, but lacks fundamental things that a developer like me takes for granted. I did not expect SSIS to have the ability of inheritance as it isn’t object-oriented, but I did expect functions or methods like a procedural language or set-based languages like T-SQL. Sadly the answer is no.

You can make script tasks or script component with custom T-SQL or .Net code, but logic in expressions you have to duplicate.

I goggled reuse and SSIS and found this statement in an article about reuse in SSIS at SqlServerCentral.com:

Let’s not forget, copy&paste is the first level of code reuse

In essence it’s true, but I would hope the entire Information Technology industry has move way beyond this point years ago.

This post at the Microsoft SQL Server forum confirms this horrific truth about lack of reuse in SSIS 🙁