JAOO 2007 – Monday

JAOO 2007 entrance

The keynote by Robert C. Martin “Craftsmanship and Ethics” was all about agile processes and development. You couldn’t really ague the test are not good and the developers should have the best tools available. It was one of those talks where everybody nods and goes their separate ways and continues doing what they have always done. Good talk though.

Afterwards I went to a session by Pramod Sadalage where he talked about evolutionary database design with database refactoring. Pramod Sadalage is a co-author of the Martin Fowler series Database Refactoring book which I have on my to-read-list-but-have-not-have-found-the-time.
He tragically failed to deliver a point about database refactoring until then end of the session where most had lost interest. He kept on talking about continues integration and ANT script – this is all fine, but I expected some thoughts and ideas of how to do database refactoring without loosing business value and precious development time. Give me some pointers, tools or patterns!
I certainly need to reevaluate if the database refactoring book should stay on my list.

After lunch I went to a session about the functional programming language Erlang by the inventor Joe Armstrong. He is a great speaker and was able to keep most attendee’s at the tip of their toes, due to implicit knowledge of current hardware architectures in the talk. He confidently delivered his views of how concurrent development should be done – not the Java, C++ or C# way, but as a simple construct of the programming language. Concurrency in Erlang is based on message parsing instead of share memory.

The rest of the day failed miserably for me. None of the talk I went to was enlightening, made me think or inspired new ideas. I went to “Testing Database Access Code Programmatically” by Roy Osherove, “Information cards and .Net – Cardspace” by René Løhde and “An Introduction to Spring.Net” by Mark Pollack.
Most (in truth all) of my colleagues was better at choosing sessions and they especially talk positively about the session “Beautiful Debugging” by Andreas Zeller.

The rest of the day I served Miracle beer from our very own Miracle Brewery at the JAOO conference party. Apparently developers like Miracle beer, because all 400 liters were consumed.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and hope that I am better at choosing the right/high-class sessions.