JAOO 2007 – Tuesday

The day at JAOO was better than yesterday, but still not great. Maybe my expectations are too high?
Today’s JAOO conference of the honorable mentionable:

  • “Painless Persistence with Castle ActiveRecord” by Oren Eini and Hamilton Verissimo – which was a tutorial of Castle ActiveRecord. The session was fairly good – I learned some new stuff but knew most of it in advance. I like the idear of minimizing the complexity of data access logic, but I do not fancy the solution where the domain model objects are bound by attributes. I prefer the XML based solution found in for example nHibernate. It is a lot more tedious work, but the solution benefits of separation of concerns.
  • “C# 3.0 under the hood” by Mads Torgersen – this session was a good recap of something I read a while ago. I can’t recall the source, sorry. The session wasn’t as much under the hood as the title states, but still Mads delivered a compelling walkthrough of the construct of LINQ (Language Integrated Queries).
  • “Using LINQ to SQL to Access Relational Data” by Luca Bolognese – I was delighted to see that Microsoft has taken concepts from nHibernate and adopted them as their own. There are many similarities between nHibernate and LINQ to SQL, but I need to dig further into the subject to see if I should make the switch from nHibernate to full blown LINQ, with all it entitles. Alternatively I could just use the LINQ for nHibernate when it is released in version 1 in 3-6 months.

My last day at JAOO is tomorrow. Let us see what tomorrow brings. 🙂