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GOTO Aarhus 2012 Schedule

Soon I’ll be joining a bunch of great people from the Danish developer community and abroad at this year GOTO Conference in Aarhus next week.

I’ve been looking at the conference schedule trying to create my schedule… the line-up of international fame speakers are impressive, but I’ll go for the odd sessions to expand my horizon. During breaks I’ll discuss and share ideas with my fellow attendees – I might even skip sessions for interesting discussions in the hallways.

Here is my tentative schedule:

See you at GOTO Aarhus 2012?

Are you going to GOTO Aarhus 2012 conference October 1-3 in Aarhus, Denmark?

The conference is covers diverse software development topics like big data, augmented data, agile perspectives, JavaScript, UX, continuous delivery, mobile, cloud, languages, NoSQL, scale … so this is not a vendor specific conference where the newest technology is presented.

I prefer conferences where I get inspired… a conference where all the participants; speakers and fellow participants plant seeds in my head for new ideas and alternative approaches to solving problems.

That’s why I’m going to the GOTO Aarhus conference.

Blog post from 10000 meters in the Air

While writing and posting this post I’m currently flying from Copenhagen, Denmark to London, United Kingdom over the North Sea with Norwegian airlines using the free online Wi-Fi connection onboard. The Internet connection is slow, but that’s expected as the traffic is routed through satellites and the fact that I share the connection with the 250 or so other passengers; all trying to access Facebook 🙂

A ping request to show that a roundtrip takes around 800 ms with some fluctuations into the 1200 ms

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=681ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=869ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=705ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=750ms TTL=43

An Internet connection speed test reveals my upload was around 400 Kbit/s download and 15 Kbit/s upload.

A trace route didn’t disclose much information; therefore not included in this blog post.

The Internet connection is very unreliable making it impossible to work, but IM and light sites are browsable. Internet on a flight is a welcome initiative making it more pleasant to fly.

I just hope the competitors will do the same and the quality of the connection will improve.

Outsourcing requires Talent

I’ll be discussing specifically in the context of knowledge workers who “think for a living” such as software developers, lawyers, business analysts and the likes. I will use software developers as an example, but it applies to other knowledge workers too.

You might have success outsourcing if you find talent, but you will fail without!

Businesses neglect the importance of finding skilled and talented software developers when outsourcing, which will almost certainly lead to problems or failure in the long run.

It doesn’t matter if it is a project or IT services being outsourced – the people in the other end have to have skills and preferably talent.

Obtaining a degree or completing a certification does not proof that a person has skills. Just as managers never will employ a developer based on resume only, neither should outsourced developers. The business should setup quality parameters in the outsourcing contract or interview the developers themselves – but that is rarely feasible.

There are other essential parameters that should not be neglected like creativity, motivation and talent nurturing. All the regular personal management things needed, also applies for outsourcing.

Offshoring to low-cost countries just complicates things even further… as you have to consider the language barrier, culture differences and time zones also.