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Miracle Open World 2010

The conference Miracle Open World 2010 is soon upon us at Legoland (April 14.-16.) 🙂

There will be four tracks this year: Oracle track, SQL Server track, .Net track and a workshop track.

The conference is legendary because time spend at the conference is divided between 80% technical stuff and 80% social networking. No kidding’ socializing is a big part of this conference with gala-dinner and the not-to-miss beach party at Lalandia Aquadome (including drinks).

This year I only have one session where I’ll be presenting Lucene.Net.

Session abstract:

Lucene is an open source full-featured text search engine library, making searching in large amounts of text lightning fast. Lucene are in use by many large sites like Wikipedia, LinkedIn, MySpace etc.

It is easy to get started with Lucene, but there are many pitfalls… In this session you will learn about the do’s and don’t’s for indexing and searching, tools, scaling, new features in version 2.9 and some of the more advanced features.

This presentation will use the Microsoft .Net implementation of Lucene named Lucene.Net, but the content of this presentation applies for ported versions of Lucene.

At the time of writing, 207 participants have registered for the conference. You can still register – it’s not too late.

See more at the Miracle Open World 2010 site.