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Configuring the DTC for WCF with OleTx

1 minute read

When a transaction propagates from one process to another, the DTC (Distributed Transaction Manager) must be utilized, because to two or more independent par...

Favor structured exception handling

3 minute read

I was surprised this last week, when a discussion about error handling, whether or not to use structured exceptions in .Net, surfaced at a customer where I a...

How does Reliable Messaging work?

2 minute read

First of all – why do we need a technology like reliable messaging? That is due to the inherently unreliable of communication networks. Back in the old days ...

When is DivideByZeroException thrown?

less than 1 minute read

What a strange question most developers will say. DivideByZeroException is thrown every time you divide by zero, right? No – it depends.