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SCRUM Certified Master

less than 1 minute read

Yesterday I returned from Milan, Italy, after completing a great Scrum Master Certification course taught by the experienced Scrum trainer Joseph Pelrine.

WCF Sessions and Reliable Messaging

3 minute read

Note: This post refers to .NET Framework for Windows only, and not for the cross-platform .NET Core or simply .NET as it is re-branded in 2020. This means th...

Strings in .Net

2 minute read

Strings in .Net are immutable reference types, but can be confusing because they sometimes have similar characteristics as value types.

Garbage Collection Flavors

1 minute read

Why should you care about Garbage Collection? Well, it may very well improve performance for your applications.

Three months anniversary

less than 1 minute read

![Victoria 3 months old](/wp-content/uploads/victoria3months.jpg

Great conference

less than 1 minute read

The Miracle SQL Server Open World conference was a great success. There were lots of informative sessions and great networking. I spoke to a lot of interesti...